Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can you find Aloha in a Mailbox?

After a visit to Hawaii, one soon learns that Aloha means more than just hello and goodbye. Aloha is a way of life. It is passion, warmth, love, and exuberance for life. Everywhere one looks, Aloha can be found. From the people, to the land, to the food, the spirit of Aloha flows. Yes, Aloha can even be found in a mailbox!

Imagine the perfect job in Hawaii. The postman! Strolling about in the warm tropical breeze amidst the sounds of Aloha birds to guide you on your route.

You get to know your neighbors simply by their mailbox. It reveals their passions,

and their Aloha love of the land and sea.

From the fanciest of neighborhoods to the most plain of dwellings, everyone shares the aloha spirit by mail.

Some even come with an ovean view.

A mini replica of one's house,

to larger than life replicas of Aloha creatures,

you find it all in this Aloha Mailbox paradise.

An aloha mailbox is happy to serve a greater purpose in life, giving support wherever needed.

From humble simple Aloha,

to fancy custom works of art,

the spirit of Aloha is alive and well in the United States Hawaiian Postal Service.