Saturday, August 30, 2008

A 3 Hour Tour

Day Two, an early start riding into the fog. Where will the Hillseekers take us today?

Doing the 125km Gruyere Tour/Race tomorrow so we better take it easy today, right?

It was gorgeous climbing up through the fog. Climbing, climbing, climbing....up through the thick forest. Beautiful!

And we climbed and climbed. Good thing we're taking it easy today!

It's all relative. To Jeff, running through the desert for 6 days is easy.

Getting ready to pop through the clouds.

Treated to some beautiful views!!!

And some even better downhills! Oh yea, these were fantastic!

Took some sweet little roads back to the start of our 3 hour tour.

43 miles, oops I meant 69km, with 3600' climbing. An easy 3 hr tour!
Now that we're warmed up, it's time to pack up the bikes and head to Gruyere for
the real race tomorrow!

Hmmmmm, what's going on here? Ah, just in time for the great marshmallow harvest!


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