Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back in the USA

All good camps must come to an end, and ours has finally come to a close.
We're back on Southern Georgia soil with bleary eyes and fuzzy minds. But the thrill and excitement of our most wonderful and epic adventure is still fresh and pulsing through our veins. In fact, that adrenaline is what will keep us going as we re-enter the real world.

Ah, memories of our big graduation and badge ceremony! We did it, Raja! We earned our coveted Hillseeker badges, and have moved up to the next level.

It seems like it was just yesterday that we landed and our feet hit the ground running.

Ten days later we completed 7 rides accumulating 354 miles, 40,000' of climbing, and 29.25 hrs riding.

We're definitely going to miss the amazing scenery, epic climbs, and most of all our wonderful friends, Buggy & Gustav. But I will find consolation in sorting through the 3,000+ photos and trying to get some web albums posted on my blog.

I hope you have been inspired to do some Hillseeking of your own as you've followed along our journey. Thanks for sharing in the memories. Now, go find your mountain and start climbing!!!

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jmilliron said...

Welcome back to real life!