Monday, September 8, 2008

Last Day of Camp

Wow! It has been quite the time at Camp Hillseeker!!!!

This isn't even the final tally! We had one more day left.

It's midnight and we head to the airport in just 6 hrs, so I better finish packing and get a few hrs of sleep. Here's a few pics.

Today was the last day, so we had to get in one last ride.
Absolutely perfect day!

Starting from home base, we did the local "gaps". It was an easy day of 34 miles, 3,400' climbing, and 2 hrs 45 min. That's nuthin'!

As always, we saw plenty of other hillseekers out today.

Frau Buggy found every hill she could for us to climb. This one was 17%. Ouch.

You have to smile when you climb at Camp Hillseeker!

Cool, check out the giant skateboard that the giant marshmallows were trying to ride before they fell off!

What you lookin' at?

If we passed one neatly stacked pile of wood, we passed a million.

Nice views of Lake Zurich.

All climbs come with a nice descent!

Um, Frau Buggy, can we skip this climb today?

It was a spectacular day today with clear blue skies. What a great day for a ride. Beats sitting inside at an office working.

We did it! We survived our last ride!

I love ending our local rides coming down this hill to their house.

A little insert here from yesterday; you gotta love coming into a rest stop like this one on our drive back from Italy.

We had to peel Raja and Gustav away so we could carry on with the journey.

For those that are following along, I have been diligent to stick to my push ups routine. Today was brutal. I had to do 126 total, and it wasn't pretty, well, at least the view I had was pretty.

And today is Raja's birthday! Just as we did last year, we celebrated with Jeff and Becky. This is turning out to be a great tradition! Happy Birthday, Raja!

Thanks for coming along the journey.

We send out get well wishes to Racey Tracey for a quick recovery. We're thinking of you and can't wait to get back home to check in on you. Hugs and kisses.

So long from beautiful Switzerland. Until next time, so long Alpine Glow.

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Ony said...

Happy Birthday, Raja!

Welcome home!