Monday, September 1, 2008

Camp Hillseeker Recap

The theme of Camp Hillseeker is Climb, Climb, Climb. When we sing our camp song each morning, those are the only words to the lyrics. Switzerland is the perfect base for Herr Gustav and Frau Buggy to run their hardcore training program.

The minute you step off the plane, no time is wasted. Barely given the chance to brush our teeth and wash our face, we were off for a ride.

I posted about our first warm up Jet Lag Be Gone ride through their lovely neighborhood. We even got a chance to be models for their latest brochure promoting the camp.

The next day was a more serious ride with lots of climbing, of course.

I posted pics about climbing through the mystic fog through a lovely forest.

Finally breaking above the clouds for some great downhilling.

You are sure to be exhausted at the end of every workout.

You get your money's worth, that's for sure!

But with a view like this, who wants to nap?

It's the perfect setting for apres ride stretching and strengthening workouts.
Gotta do our push ups, ugh. Raja always gets out of this part of the program. How does he do that? No fair.

This is definitely a posh camp, not like the kind I went to as a kid. But just to make you feel somewhat rustic, they set up some cows in the back yard. This is the view out our bedroom window.

We drove to the Gruyere area for day three of our training; The Gruyere Tour.

My previous post tells all about this spectacular day! Here's some pics from Raja's prespective. There's nothing quite like climbing shoulder to shoulder with a zillion other riders. We own the road here, yea baby!

Raja's first Euro paceline experience heading through the valley to Gstaad.

Second climb of the route.

If you're going to have to stop for a train, this is the kind, short and fast.

After the 76 mile shredfest, it was time for some ice cream! Get as much as you can shove in.

Enjoyed our treat on the shore of beautiful Lake Geneva in Vevey.

This will fit the size of our appetites!

So purdy! Just like Lake Lanier!

Let's do the paddle boats!

When we get back to the states, I'm going to run for Governor. The first thing I'm going to implement is installing this great new water system.

It's great! Anywhere you are, there is easy access to fresh cold refreshing water. Good for a sip or to fill up the water bottles in the middle of your ride.

I'm also thinking how good it would be as an ice bath.......

It has been a grueling camp, and we haven't had much time to relax, but

we're doing the best we can to enjoy ourselves and have a good time.

It's been a great opportunity to ponder this new training program and how to implement these new techniques into our slack routine, so we too can be Hillseekers Extraordinaire!

At the end of the day, when it's all said and done, we're thrilled to be
Hillseeker Campers! Look forward to a new day!


James Bigler said...

Wow sounds like you guys are having the time of your life. Well maybe for you guys "ONE" of the times of your life but still ... Thanks again for the stories and pics.

jmilliron said...

I'm too scared to go on any more rides with you guys!

Ony said...

How beautiful!
You guys look like you are having an amazing time. So awesome. Learn a lot and then teach your grasshopper here.