Monday, September 1, 2008

Chocolate Girl Run Amuck

They don't call me Chocolate Girl for nothin'.
We all know that chocolate is good for you;-)
It makes you strong so you can do your 100 push ups,

and pull Swiss hammerheads up the climb.

But the real reason I eat chocolate is cause it just makes me happy!

The deciding factor in choosing Camp Hillseeker in Switzerland was for its location. Not only is it in the Land of Chocolate, but our base camp is within walking distance of the Lindt factory! Oooooooooo!!!

Monday was field trip day. I chose the the trip to the Lindt store, of course. Forget seeing museums and churches, I want Chocolate!

We spied serious looking men walking around in white Lab coats. I wanted to find out what chocolate secrets they were hiding, but we went in the store instead to stock up on some cycling food (that's code for lots of chocolate).

MMmmmmmm, mission accomplished.

While the rest of the campers obeyed the counselors and went for their ice baths in the lake in preparation for tomorrow's climbfest,

I snuck away to get.....into.....the......chocolate. hehehehe.
They'll never know.............

Never leave a Chocolate Girl alone with a bag of chocolate.
"Quick! Throw her in the lake! We must detox her fast!"

They got me sobered up and filled with nutritional food before the counselors got back.

Shew, that was a close call! That was a storm a brewin', but we managed to dodge the bullet.

I'll sleep it off and hopefully be fresh as a daisy in the morning.

Tuesday we head to Meiringen to do the Grimsel, Furka, & Susten Passes, 120 km and only 12,000' of climbing. Yikes!!! I think I need to dip back into that stash of chocolate!!!!

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Ony said...

That "passed-out" picture is brilliant!!

You look exactly like my son, Marcos, after he eats a single chocolate chip, except he'll have chocolate, not only all over the face, but half his body.